About Supervisor Ashley


Leadership for Riverside County's Future
Through both his work as a public official and in his private endeavors, Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley has always made service to his community his top priority.

Born here in Riverside County in 1935, Ashley has long shown his deep commitment to the people of Riverside County. Along with his family, including Mary, his wife of more than 52 years, his six children, 19 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren, Ashley has worked for decades to improve the lives of his fellow citizens.

After years in the private sector, including his work as a CPA with a national accounting firm, the Daniel Ludwig organization, and the founding of a real estate investment firm, Ashley decided to become more directly involved in the public sector when he served from 1973 as a Riverside County Planning Commission and was elected to a seat on the board of the Eastern Municipal Water District in 1992.

pic_0181While with Eastern, Ashley became known throughout the region for his commitment to collaborate with other government organizations to foster more coherent public planning processes and more effective expenditure of public funds.

Since his election to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in 2002, Ashley has not only continued this tradition but become a respected leader on regional issues. As a County Supervisor he oversees a budget of $ 4.5 billion and sets public policy for over two million people in what is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.

He worked tirelessly to bring to fruition the nationally acclaimed Riverside County Integrated Project, which includes billions of dollars for new road construction and conservation of important habitat lands for endangered species.

From his Chairmanship of the March Air Reserve Base Joint Powers Authority, which is fast becoming a new economic powerhouse for western Riverside County, to his leadership on the creation of the Mid-County Parkway, and the Perris Valley Metrolink Line, to his experience in water issues, Ashley has shown his expertise in three of the most crucial issues facing California's future - jobs, roads, and water.

ashley_codeAshley's commitment to the health and safety of the people of Riverside County is unparalleled. He has provided funding for over 918 new sheriff deputies, 395 firefighters, and 317deputy district attorneys and 106 probation officers during his five years as a County Supervisor.

Ashley's abilities have not gone unrecognized by his peers. He is the only Supervisor who has served as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the Western Riverside Council of Governments and the Coachella Valley Association of Governments. He has also served as County representative to the Southern California Association of Governments.

His work for the public does not stop at the doors of the County building. He and his family have donated hundreds of acres of land in the hills west of Perris to help create a permanent nature preserve and countless charities can count on Marion to help.

"Mary and I want our children and our grandchildren to have the same wonderful quality of life we knew growing up here in Riverside County" Ashley said. "We can do no less."